The Power of Film

“I may be alone in this, but I do sense the power of film, in that movies have the ability to literally change people’s minds.” – Nicolas Cage

Look at the quote above and think about this; have you ever been influenced by a movie you’ve watched? Have you ever realised something important after watching a movie?

In class we watched two movies, Girl Rising directed by Richard Robbins and Before the Flood directed by Fisher Stevens. These movies have two different themes and perspectives. However, they do share one common will which is to ameliorate the modern world. Girl Rising is about the unfortunate gender inequality in developing countries whilst Before the Flood is the exciting story of our evolving planet and climate change.

Both movies have decided to use famous actors as narrators to emphasise their determination to influence the viewers. A familiar face/ voice will always persuade us in a special way as it gives us a form of trust and safety. The narrators in both movies are both calm and convincing. They are slow and allow the audience to soak in all the information in an efficient way. Furthermore, they add inspiring and dramatic music to touch us. Beautiful images are also displayed to portray the gorgeousness of earth. These movies have been produced to make people aware of what happens on earth. They outline social, economic and environmental issues. Girl Rising and Before the Flood want to show us that we are the ones who can make the difference and that there is still hope to change things. I do think that both movies are made for a grown up audience as strong images are being shown. A certain maturity is needed to take it as a serious topic and clearly understand the issues. I do agree with Nicolas Cage’s statement by saying that we all get influenced by movies in our own way. We get touched by things being said or action taken. They make us realise things we maybe never thought about before.

One person cannot change the world, politicians cannot change the world, a movie cannot change the world. However, united people can. If we all take action and become more conscious we can all together save our beloved earth.



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